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Aluminum Storm Window Colors
By Andrew P. Kandels
April 5, 2005


If you're considering purchasing new aluminum storm windows, it's important to note the days of the silver colored mill finish has passed. You're no longer required to buy wood to get the color window you want. Anodizing aluminum means a large palette of colors to choose from and a durable maintenance-free finish that will never rub off or need to be reapplied.

Storm Windows:

Storm windows are a product commonly used for replacement hoping to build up the insulation value of a home without the expense of interior window replacement. This inexpensive addition adds an additional seal to your home as well as a convenient method of ventilation.

Especially for consumers with older homes, the benefits of storm windows far outweigh the costs. Storm windows are relatively inexpensive and are very easy to install. Most storm windows are custom made to fit your opening so size usually isn't an issue.

Most people consider the installation of new storm windows after roof or siding replacement; however, while roofing and siding color choices remain abundant, storm windows are commonly limited to only a few select colors. This can make the addition of storm windows troublesome as finding a matching color to your home can be near impossible. Not anymore.

Anodizing Aluminum:

Anodizing is a type of electrolysis used to place a protective oxide coating on metal. The metal acts as the anode (positive pole) of an electrolytic cell. Negatively charged oxide ions pass through a solution called an electrolyte and oxidize the surface of the metal. Special treatments give the metal a porous outside layer that can absorb dyes. This makes it possible to produce colored surfaces that cannot be rubbed off and are durable and maintenance-free for years and years.

Using anodized aluminum, a plethora of colors become available for products like storm doors, storm windows, aluminum siding and trim, and much more.

Colors Available in the Market:

There are a variety of storm window manufacturers in the country that produce all sorts of windows. Very few companies still produce silver mill-finish windows. Most companies at a minimum provide white, dark (bronze or brown) and light (tan, beige or almond) colors.

Provia is a company in particular that has realized the need for a greater selection of colors in the storm window market. They currently offer twelve colors that further your chances of finding a suitable match for your home. The colors were carefully selected to come close to popular roofing, siding, storm door and trim colors.

To build an estimate for storm windows on your home (as well as to review the color choices available to you) click here to view the storm windows section of our website. You'll get the exact cost for your color and size.